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I am straight. Your love is invalid.

December 15, 2012

A common campaign of liberals is the fight for the “equality” for gays, and the “dignity” of same-sex love, which society is supposed to embrace.

But what does this mean? As a straight man, what is same-sex love to me, but a bizarre, alien, and perverse concept? The Gay Lobby claims that homosexuality is natural, as it occurs in lots of species across the animal kingdom. But this misses the point.

To a straight, homosexuality will always be “unnatural”. This is not because he has studied the natural world. This has to do with the fact that he is a straight. Why do you think such arguments are made against the gay movement? It’s a simple attempt to justify something that heterosexuals (who are not social liberals, of course) feel: homosexuality is just repulsive.

And what must the campaign to squash the most basic standard of society’s sexuality result in? The dissolution of all sexual standards, period. “Gay equality” only makes sense when you adopt a “do as thou wilt” attitude. Such an attitude cannot be reconciled with the preservation of the family.


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